On What Creates Hate

by kelliannepace

Let’s not kid ourselves here. From the very start, there have always been two things that have started fights, war, and hate. One of which is the vagina. Yes, from the very beginning men have fought and shed blood to claim his territory in that of a woman’s most personal feature. Men have ended friendships, men have betrayed one another, and although some will claim “love” as the conquest; well ladies and gentleman, what is is that you do when you are in love? That’s what I thought. 

The second thing that causes hate and war is the one thing that discourages such actions and feelings. Religion and God. I have always been fascinated with religion, so although you may not agree with what I have to sat, be assured that I have put quite a lot of thought into this and have read and reread many things to have myself come to this conclusion. 

I suppose you could call me a Christian. I believe in God, I believe in Jesus, and I believe that Jesus is the son of God and died for our sins. However, I do not believe, and how can I put this without sounding brash; I do not believe that we as humans are suppose to live as Jesus did. Some Christians teach against Evolution and I find that to be ridiculous because the very definition and “evolution” is change. That would mean you do no believe in change. That’s stupid. I believe in the Big Bang Theory (THEORY), I believe in Evolution, I believe in Darwinism, and I believe in science. Why do I believe all this? Because God made it possible for me to do so. To me, God is an almighty being. He may have created the world and everything in it, but by doing so, he also made science. God does not make the leaves change in the fall. Sorry, he just doesn’t. He created the process that does that. God did not make the summers warm, and the winters cool. Sorry, but again he made the science that makes that happen. Because if he did it any other way, we would not be here. 

I also believe that God made the Bible so that it would change as well. The only reason why the bible hasn’t changed is because people cannot agree on God and religion. There are many different religions and I respect every single one of them. We will never know which religion is the right one, and I hate the people who will try to force their religion on others. In a way, I guess you could say I am not a fan of missions. I find it intolerable that people think they can march right into someone else’s life, claim that if they continue to live they way they are living, they will die in a blazing hell, unless of course they accept Jesus Christ. What do I say to that? Bull Shit. This is not a club. The religion that has the most members is not the winner. If you want to go to Heaven, be concerned with yourself. If someone asks you about Jesus, sure, help them, but don’t shove it down their throat. That is not Godly. 

God is love. Jesus is love. God loves everyone no matter what. God loves me. God loves you. God loves that gay guy over there. God loves that Pagan over yonder and God loves my dog! Jesus taught love, so it baffles me that anyone would make a hate group against any of God’s children. Being gay does not mean you are going to hell. For Fuck’s sake, EVERYONE sins. You cannot judge someone just because they sin differently than you do. It’s kind of like that saying that goes something like, “Don’t act like your shit don’t smell”. This year especially, and even more so since I have moved south, I have found myself defending the gay population even more than ever. I have gay friends, I have gay Christian friends, and they are all loved by God and I WILL see them in Heaven. Why? Because God loves them just as he loves that bigoted pastor who preaches about praying away the gay. The great thing about God is that he doesn’t judge. If people want to walk and act as Jesus did, they need to start loving as he did. 

God put us on this Earth so we could enjoy it, learn from it, make it better, expand our knowledge, and evolve. (See that word again). So there is nothing wrong with putting the world first and taking care of this treasure that God gave us. He could of put us anywhere, but he put us here and gave us the resources we needed to make the world what it is today. Imagine what it could be 100 years from now? 

And, one last thought. Why does Jesus coming mean that we all have to die? Why are there signs saying “How would you spend your last day on Earth knowing Jesus would come tomorrow?” Why does it have to be my last day? Why can’t I make him dinner and have some wine with him. I hear he likes wine. Why do we have to fear him coming? I’d be rushing around figuring out what to cook for him since he’s missed so much. I’d probably make him a pizza. Pizza is sooo good. 

These are just my personal thoughts on religion. You can take it or leave it. You can disagree with me. I just think that receiving God’s love is easier than what people make it out to be. I am comfortable in my relationship with God. Are you?